Moving to a new office space may be exciting for a small business that is experiencing rapid growth, but oftentimes, the fun stops there. Business relocation can be cumbersome and expensive at best. On top of that, additional expenses may arise at the last minute that far exceed a business’s anticipated moving budget.

Beyond the basic cost of booking a moving company, here are several unanticipated moving expenses that could pop up over the course of relocation:

  • Moving Supplies: While this may seem like a no-brainer, many businesses make the mistake of thinking that they have enough boxes on hand to pack up their entire office. To deal with this problem head-on, a staff member should be designated to oversee packing during a move. An employee can begin collecting used boxes and packing supplies months in advance to ensure that a business doesn’t run out of the materials they need on moving day.
  • Storage: A small business owner needs to take the time to review the new square footage of their facility in detail. If a business is moving to a significantly larger office space, storage may not be an issue. If a business is downsizing or moving laterally to another office facility, a storage unit may need to be rented temporarily or permanently to hold inventory and extra office supplies.
  • Moving Surcharges: One of the only ways to avoid unpleasant and unexpected expenses is to work with a moving company that you trust. Some moving companies may charge extra to move oversized or heavy items, like desks, business equipment, and electronics. If a moving company doesn’t communicate these additional fees from the get-go, a business could end up paying thousands of dollars extra in their relocation.
  • Elevator Fees: If a business is moving into a multistory office building with an elevator, some moving companies will charge a one-time elevator fee. Again, take care to read your moving contract in detail before signing to budget in this additional expense.

Depending on the transparency of a moving company, a business may be met with a long list of extra charges on their final bill. While not all surcharges are considered the norm, some professional moving companies have been known to tack on fees for hoisting large items, express delivery in a short timeframe, environmental disposal, and even a fuel charge that should be included in the original moving price quote.